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Ravenheart Presents: Student



1. Blink in the Desert (Japan) • 11 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Shinobu Soejima

1. Blink in the Desert.png 

One day a young hermit finds a winged insect and crushes it out of disgust. Meanwhile, the elephant sees the whole situation but says nothing. From that day on, the boy is chased by shadows of the winged insects.


2. Mergen (Kazakhstan) • 26 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Raiymbek Alzhanov

2. Mergen.png 

Great Kazakh Steppe, XVII century, war. In the absence of father, a boy named Mergen will grow up and take care of relatives abandoned by aul. Baksy, Mergen's grandmother, gives him her gift as the only man and protector, but the appearance of Kazakh messenger with an urgent report for the Khan puts threaten the well-being of the family.


3. Goodbye Jerome (France) • 8 min
Directed by: Gabrielle Selnet, Adam Sillard, Chloé Farr

3. Goodbye Jerome.png 

Having just arrived in paradise, Jerome sets out to find his wife Maryline. In the course of his search, he sinks into a surreal and colourful world in which no one seems to be able to help him.


4. Witchin’ (USA) • 20 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Christina Diamantara

4. Witchin'.png 

A young witch's dream of making the best potion in her class takes her to the mysterious world of human males, in search of a powerful ingredient: Big Dick Energy.


5. Welcome (USA) • 2 min
Directed by: Yanglu He & Sia Du

5. Welcome.png 

A lonely, poor little girl was invited by mannequins into a luxury clothing store in the midnight. They offer her free accessories, dress, shoes, and seduce her to take more. But the little girl has no idea what price she needs to pay later.


6. SALPICÓN (DIARRHEA) (Mexico) • 8 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Marcos Muñoz Flores

6. Diarrhea.png 

A man trapped in a public bathroom is struggling between a fierce diarrhea and being caught by zombies.


7. Louis’ Shoes (France) • 5 min
Directed by: Théo Jamin, Kayu Leung, Marion Phillipe & Jean-Géraud Blanc

7. Louis' Shoes.JPG 

Louis, an eight and a h alf years old autistic kid arrives in his new school and he is about to introduce himself.


8. Sauve Qui Pneu (France) • 6 min
Directed by: Amaury Bretnacher, Chloé Carrere, Théo Huguet, Leia Jutteau, Louis Martin, Charlie Pradeau & Mingrui Zhuang

8. Sauve Qui Pneu.png 

Following his robbery, a man finds himself forced to board into a little grandma's car to escape the police through the colorful streets of Cuba.


9. Green Food (USA) • 16 min
Directed by: Xiaoli Liu

9. Green Food.png 

Three astronauts stranded in a spaceship with an alien corpse, have to find a way to survive without food.


10. Gaslight (Australia) • 16 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by Louisa Weichmann

10. Gaslight.png 

One night, a bar waitress encounters a mysterious and charming stranger whilst waiting at a bus terminal, however things soon take a dark turn when the stranger is revealed to be a psychotic vampire.






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