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Ravenheart Presents: Sci-Fi/Fantasy B

SciFi-Fantasy B


1. You’re Dead Helen (France) • 24 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Michiel Blanchart

1. You're Not Helen.png 

Maxime, a young man in search of stability, is literally haunted by the ghost of his girlfriend Hélène, who died recently. Wishing to put an end to this unbearable situation, Maxime finally decides to break with her. But Hélène does not seem ready to accept this decision ...


2. Noctuidae (Germany) • 23 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Alexandra (Ali) Mauritz

2. Noctuidae.png 

Bound by the feeling of not fitting into a world of lights, a seamstress and a stranger sew a coat made of moth wings: Can they escape into moonlight?                       


3. Superhero (Luxembourg) • 13 min
Directed by: Émile V. Schlesser

3. Superhero.png 

A young man with Down syndrome, stakes on a superhero identity to muster the courage to profess his love to a childhood friend.


4. The Ballad of John St. George (USA) • 12 min
European Premiere
Directed by: Rob O'Neill

4. The Ballad of John St. George.png 

A man searches the barren, rugged plains of America for clues to the location of a woman captured by what has been described as a legendary beast..


5. The Bottom (USA) • 9 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Morgan Ruaidhrí O'Sullivan & James Kautz

5. The Bottom.png 

At the edge of a mysterious lake, a reckoning between friends becomes a fight for life - as one man’s mind games threatens the other’s grip on reality. 


6. The Wet Nurse (France) • 16 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Arnold de Parscau

6. The Wet Nurse.png 

In 1900, Marie sells pancakes made with mother's milk on the market of a small Breton village. The recipe is all the rage and all the villagers become addicted. One day Marie ran out of milk. But the peasants still ask for more. They are going to make her go through an ordeal to continue to consume this precious resource that they consider inexhaustible.


7. Anemone (Italy) • 17 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Alessandro Marcon

7. Anemone.png 

In a future where humanity is forced to leave Earth, Jane is faced with a dilemma: leaving behind her only friend alive on Earth, or finding him and risking to loose her only chance to escape from the dying planet?


8. Zealandia (New Zealand) • 15 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Bruno du Bois

8. Zealandia.png 

In 2032, Zealandia is the only virus free country left on earth at a high cost to its population. Could the bag carried by a fearless woman entering the country be the downfall of this oppressive state?






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