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Ravenheart Presents: Horror/Thriller B

Horror B


1. In the Soil (Denmark) • 14 min
Directed by: Casper Rudolf Emil Kjeldsen

1. In The Soil.png 

Karoline’s life is turned upside down when her father, manically starts digging a pit in their backyard. The following days turn into a living nightmare as the land, which has been in the family for generations, pulls Kjeld further and further down into the deep.



2. Mudmonster (Italy) • 15 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: O.B. De Alessi

2. Mudmonster.png 

Following the sudden disappearance of her father, young Fiamma is visited by a mud monster. As her encounters with the creature become more frequent and intense, Fiamma begins to suffer from a sudden, mysterious illness. 


3. A Shadow in the Darkness (Australia) • 7 min
European Premiere
Directed by: Dean William Butler

3. A Shadow in the Darkness.png 

A man squares off against a demonic entity in regional Western Australia.


4. Dana (Spain) • 18 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Lucía Forner Segarra

4. Dana.png 

After being attacked one night, Diana decides that something must change.


5. Deep Tissue (USA) • 10 min
European Premiere
Directed by: Brian L Tan

5. Deep Tissue.png 

Upset with his girlfriend, Adam finds himself avoiding her apology calls as he explores the nightlife of Bali. There's food, music, and a massage parlor that peaks his interest. Soon Adam finds himself trying something new as an alluring masseuse does her best to have him forget his troubles. Little does he know, something sinister is afoot.


6. Devils (USA) • 13 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Bret Miller

6. Devils.png 

While taking a final tour of an investment home, a distracted developer is horrified to discover that the deceased owner never left. And she never will.


7. The Secret of Mt. Trolla (Australia) • 12 min
European Premiere
Directed by: Tristan Barr

7. The Secret of Mt. Trolla.png 

A pilot crashes in remote mountains, and before his badly injured co-pilot dies, he hands a camera with a haunting message in Korean “The judgement day is coming.". As he seeks salvation, he is haunted by a mysterious woman who has survived without human contact.


8. You’re Not Home (Ireland) • 11 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Derek Ugochukwu

8. You're Not Home.png 

Ikenna is a fifteen-year-old asylum seeker living at a direct provision centre on the outskirts of Limerick where an ominous mould has inexplicably surfaced in the room he shares with his older brother.


9. Tekenchu (Mexico) • 9 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Carlos Matienzo Serment

9. Tekenchu.png 

Rafael, a seriously injured man, falls into the darkness of the Tlalpujahua forest, is found by Teresa and her sister Dolores who take care of him, until they discover his dark past and return him to the forest but now at the mercy of Tekenchu.


10. The Trunk (Canada) • 13 min
European Premiere
Directed by Travis Laidlaw

10. The Trunk.png 

A teen and her father find an old trunk chained and buried in the woods.  They bring it home and soon discover that what's inside was locked up for a reason.






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