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Ravenheart Presents: Horror/Thriller A

Horror A


1. Monsters (Canada) • 15 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Frank Tremblay

1. Monsters.png 

For as long as 8-year-old Jimmy can remember, his overprotective mother has kept him safe inside their barricaded home, away from the monsters roaming outside. But Jimmy gets increasingly inquisitive, desperate to see what's out there — despite the danger.


2. Stuck (Italy) • 9 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: David A. Roncone

2. Stuck.png 

Sophia, a fearful young woman, accidentally lets a demonic entity loose while moving to her new house. She has to face the entity who reflects her personal struggle with insecurity.


3. $TRIP (USA) • 11 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Craig Ouellette

3. Strip.png 

It's Penny's first night stripping at an underground club. Will she go all the way? And what happens to her if she doesn't?


4. Escalation (Italy) • 15 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Christian Bachini

4. Escalation.png 

In the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Chris, a paranoid and self-centered man, is happily avoiding all human contact, preferring to escape from reality in whatever's on TV. When a friend reaches out to him to confront him about his past promises, Chris has to decide what kind of person he is inside, or it may just eat him...alive.


5. Familiar (UK) • 10 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: David J. Ellison

5. Familiar.png 

It is 1942, in the dark woods of Pennsylvania, Richard Mason is the Familiar to a hideous ancient vampiric creature living in the bowels of an isolated mansion.


6. Smile (UK) • 7 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Joanna Tsanis

6. Smile.png 

When a young woman struggles to smile, her depression becomes something truly monstrous.


7. In the Dark (Canada) • 12 min
European Premiere
Directed by: Bronson Allen

7. In The Dark.png 

In the Dark is the story of a charming date that takes a nightmarish turn when the lights go out…


8. Aria (UK) • 13 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by: Christopher Poole

8. Aria.png 

When a young couple install a "smart security system" in their home, they become increasingly paranoid about what might be lurking outside their front door.


9. She and the Darkness (Spain) • 13 min
Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Daniel Romero

9. She and the Darkness.png 

A cleaner suffers a deep depression after the death of her daughter. On one of her night-runs to fight insomnia, she feels someone is watching her from the darkness of an alley.


10. Under the Ice (Spain) • 15 min
Norwegian Premiere
Directed by Alvaro Rodriguez Areny

10. Under the Ice.png 

After losing his father in an accident, Edur wakes up in the middle of a nightmare. A presence will haunt him with his worst memories.






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