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Ravenheart: Apps


Chile • 2021 • Norwegian Premiere
Horror, Fantasy, Comedy • English Subtitles • DCP • A: 18år
Directed by: Lucio A. Rojas, José Miguel Zúñiga, Sandra Arriagada, Camilo León, Samot Márquez
Starring: Nestor Cantillana, León Arrigada Fernanda Finterbusch, Ignacia Uribe, Tutú Vidaurre, Nicolás Durán, Clara Kovacic

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Five stories where an APP will open the doors to mystery and horror. A young woman, in the hands of a group of perverts, belonging to a sinister network dedicated to the sinister online transmission. A voyeur, who will discover that his neighbors hide dark secrets that he wishes he had never heard. A young woman on a mysterious dating app. A group of friends on their way to a beautiful cabin, will fall into the hands of a sinister occult sect that hides behind this business. A little boy, used by his father to make dating online, will discover an enormous power to defend himself.



*Micro Short & Music Video in front of Apps*



Spain • No Dialog • 6 min • Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Iñigo Acha


It awaits hidden in the dark, you don't know that it's there and when you realize that it's beside you, it's too late, you're in its hands... It has caught you!


The Poultry Punisher

Australia • 4 min • Scandinavian Premiere
Directed by: Matt Bottos

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MUSIC VIDEO – Sarcastic Execution The Poultry Punisher is an animated Heavy Metal music video about an unconventional vigilante with an unwavering desire to correct injustice.






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