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OvO performing live score to L’inferno

OvO stumfilmkonsert


Join us when Italian noise duo OvO will perform the live score for the silent Italian movie masterpiece 1911 "Dante’s Inferno" aka "L'Inferno".

The oldest Italian feature film – the first movie inspired by Dante – the first movie that was presented in theatres as a piece of art instead of just a curiosity.

"L’Inferno" is the first Italian kolossal: in the dark forest Dante meets Virgilio, and with him he travels through the circles of hell. During the first projections in 1911 the special effects were so realistic that many people fainted and there were several episodes of panic.

Italian noise-rock duo OvO has been at the center of the worldwide post-rock, industrial-sludge, and avant-doom scenes for nearly two decades. Their always-on-tour mentality, coupled with a DIY ethic, fearless vision, and pulverizing live shows have made them the Jucifer of Europe; impossible to categorize, but always there, appearing in your hometown, like a ghostly omnipresence.

OvO’s fiercely independent ethos and grinding live schedule have earned the band a significant worldwide fanbase that have come to expect nothing but the most daring and innovative dark music presentations.

The concert will take place at Vega Cinema Friday 15th of April at 14.00.
150,- NOK for tickets. 75,- NOK for those with a four day pass to Inferno Metal Festival 2022.






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