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ESCENA - Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager

ESCENA Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager er en plattform for kulturell utveksling mellom Norge og den ibero-amerikanske regionen.

About the festival:

ESCENA. Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager is a platform for cultural exchange between Norway and the Ibero-American region.

The aim of the festival is to promote the interest in film from the Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations of Europe and the Americas and showcase the vibrant film expressions of these nations. The films convey social, political, and historical aspects of this cultural context as well as the challenges currently facing the societies of the region. Even though these nations share a common cultural mainstream; they form a rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds that translate into their cinematic expression.

ESCENA also provides a gathering place and discussion forum for film enthusiasts, for those with roots in the region and others who have an interest in Ibero-America.

About ESCENA 21:

ESCENA 21 will present 10 films with wide international recognition of great directors and filmmakers from 7 different countries. Some films will show a realistic portrait of a social and cultural reality, while others take a more magical or even surreal approach.

This year’s edition aims to bring forward the diversity of the Ibero-American cultures: from underground comic book authors to indigenous cultures, from LGTBQ+ rights to elite panic and from the reclaiming of ethnic identity to the life of the elderly.

Accompanying the film program, there will be additional events that will provide an appropriate context for the films, such as conversation with the filmmakers, dance performances and round tables in collaboration with other associations.

Magical Girl

undefinedMAGICAL GIRL is a thrilling neo-noir in which writer-director Carlos Vermut distinguishes himself with his willingness to court melodrama; the layers of perversion, betrayal, and revenge verge on the operatic, but the action is played with impressive sobriety.

Godt nyttår, Chile

undefinedEn stemningsfull og vakker film satt i et knusktørt chilensk landskap, der den minste gnist kan skape store omveltninger.

En fantastisk kvinne

undefinedDaniela Vega is wonderful as a young trans woman whose life is turned upside down when her older cis lover dies in ambiguous circumstances.


undefinedNEGRA is an exploration of what it means to inhabit Mexico as a black woman. It tells the story of five afro-descendant women from southern Mexico, exposing racism, resistance and processes of self-acceptance, strategies for transcending stereotypes, and the celebration of their identity.

The Dead and The Others

undefinedTHE DEAD AND THE OTHERS is an immersive, refreshing ethnographic docudrama. Touching on the disorienting chapter of young adolescence, this hypnotic prize-winner offers a sensory outsider’s look at the urbanized world we live in.

Virus Tropical

undefinedAdapted from graphic novelist PowerPaola’s memoir, VIRUS TROPICAL is simultaneously a domestic saga (maybe influenced by the telenovelas to which it makes the odd ironic nod), portrait of an artist as a put-upon youngest child and a chronicle of a maturing South America.

The Human Voice

undefinedEn kortfilm av Pedro Almodóvar med Tilda Swinton i hovedrollen.

New Order

undefinedSom vinner av en Juryens Spesialpris ved filmfestivalen i Venezia, har Franco laget sin kanskje aller mørkeste film til dags dato. NEW ORDER er en tydelig politisk kommentar til det som nå skjer i Mexico, der det er grunn til å frykte at økende ulikhet mellom fattige og rike kan få katastrofale følger.

The Mole Agent

undefinedWarm and funny, THE MOLE AGENT offers audiences a poignant reminder that it's never too late to forge new connections and embark on new adventures.

Two Irenes

undefinedShy 13-year-old Irene feels invisible to the world around her. But when she discovers her charismatic father’s secret life, Irene begins a new life herself, befriending another young Irene, discovering her sexuality and slowly coming into her own in this sly and engrossing drama rich with detail and unexpected turns.

La Cienaga

undefinedLa Ciénaga, the landmark film by Argentine director Lucrecia Martel is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. One of the key artworks of the so-called New Argentine Cinema of the late nineties and early aughts, and the debut feature of one of the leading filmmakers in the world today, Lucrecia Martel.