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La Cienaga

1 t. 42 min.



ESCENA. Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager 2021

La Ciénaga, the landmark film by Argentine director Lucrecia Martel is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. One of the key artworks of the so-called New Argentine Cinema of the late nineties and early aughts, and the debut feature of one of the leading filmmakers in the world today, Lucrecia Martel.

Starring Graciela Borges, Mercedes Morán, Martín Adjemián, Daniel Valenzuela, and Leonora Balcarce, the film is set in the province of Salta, in the north of Argentina where summers can be uncomfortably hot and humid. The film brilliantly depicts the decadence the Argentine middle-class through the story of Mecha and her family, which includes four accident-prone teenagers, a husband who dyes his hair, and her cousin who has four noisy small children.

This event was organised with the support of the Embassy of Argentina in Oslo.

About ESCENA21

ESCENA. Oslo Ibero-amerikanske filmdager is a platform for cultural exchange between Norway and the Ibero-American region.

ESCENA 21 will present 10 films with wide international recognition of great directors and filmmakers from 7 different countries. Some films will show a realistic portrait of a social and cultural reality, while others take a more magical or even surreal approach. 

This year’s edition aims to bring forward the diversity of the Ibero-American cultures: from underground comic book authors to indigenous cultures, from LGTBQ+ rights to elite panic and from the reclaiming of ethnic identity to the life of the elderly.

Accompanying the film program, there will be additional events that will provide an appropriate context for the films, such as conversation with the filmmakers, dance performances and round tables in collaboration with other associations.


Originaltittel La Cienaga

Regi Lucrecia Martel
Produksjonår 2001



Spilletid 1 t. 42 min.

Nasjonalitet Argentina

Aldersgrense med begrunnelse