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Presented by Takashi Morishita from Tatsumi Hijikata Archives.

Rebellion of the Body (1968)
Hijikata’s last solo performance – the title of which translates into English as Tatsumi Hijikata and Japanese People: Rebellion of the Body – was staged in October 1968 in the midst of major political upheaval and widespread student protests. Recorded evidence of this work is scarce; the full production would have run for approximately an hour and a half, but all that remains are a collection of photographs and twenty minutes of 8 mm film, which reveal the stage design to have consisted of large brass panels suspended in the air. The footage has no sound, although it is documented that the accompanying soundtrack consisted of piano music played live on stage and a recording of engine noises.

Story of a Smallpox (1972)
"A documentary film by Ouchida Keiya of a performance of Hosotan (A Story of Small Pox, 1972), one installment of a serial work entitled Shiki no tameno nijishichiban (Twenty-seven Nights for the Four Sea- sons, 1972), allows us to see a classic Hijikata dance: lying down on the floor, he writhes to the accompaniment of "Bailero" by Joseph Canteloube. Only a loin cloth covers his skinny body, his rib bones are clearly exposed, the result of many days of fasting. His white butoh makeup is sliding off his skin, like scabs off a healing wound. Perhaps this fallen person is dying but trying to get up, a situation and image that Hijikata often talked about. Through the blistering image of emaciation and death, this ugly figure reveals the beauty of life." (Kurihara Nanako)

The films will be screened in screening room 2 (Sal 2) from 20:00 - 22:00

Tickets: 100 kr.
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The event is part of The International Butoh Dance Conference in Oslo.



"100 Light Years of Solitude" by Yumiko Yoshioka

Following Yumiko’s solo Before the Dawn, this is the second part of her trilogy 100 Flowers. Inspired by Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitudeto explore a state of solitude, Yumiko dances the life of a unique creature, born on a planet 100 light years away from ours. Imagining that this creature is the only one of its species on that planet, it enjoys unfolding its life until it realises its destiny: to exist in solitude.

Direction/Choreography/Dance: Yumiko Yoshioka 
Co-direction: Miguel Camarero
Light design/technical direction: Spiros Paterakis 
Music composition: Tomas Tello / Zam Johnson 
Costume: Pablo Alarcon
Produced in Oslo by: Butoh Encounters
Photo by Edgar Gutiérrez Calvillo

The dance performance will take place in the theatre hall (Teatersalen) from 20:00-22:00

Tickets: 200 kr
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