The Self-Critical Room: Documentary Filmmaking in a Post-Truth World

18.15, Thursday 28 Feb, SALONGEN

Free entry

The self critical room: Documentary filmmaking in a post-truth world

Erika Balsom – Kings College London

In a world that is increasingly polarized and popular trust in established news media is rapidly declining; How can documentary film makers keep their credibility?

Erika Balsom will look back on the last 30 years of documentary filmmaking and the relationship between documentary film and contemporary art to see how filmmakers have met challenges like this before. Is there anything to learn from the past to meet the challenge of distrust in the age of Trump?

Erika Balsom is a senior lecturer in Film Studies at King’s College London. Her most recent book is An Oceanic Feeling: Cinema and the Sea, and she is the co-editor of the anthology Documentary Across Disciplines.