The Case against Ratko Mladic

20.30, Wednesday 27 Feb, SALONGEN

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«The Trial of Ratko Mladic» tells the story of what happened when the man responsible for some of the worst war crimes in modern European history is brought to court. Ratko Mladic was the chief commander of the Bosnian Serb Army during the civil war in Bosnia, and amongst others led the army during the Srebrenica genocide in 1995, where at least 7000 Bosnian muslims were killed. After living in hiding for 16 years after the war ended, he was arrested and prosecuted by an international court, the Jugoslavia tribunal, in Haag.

The documentary follows the five year long trial from both sides. In addition to following the lawyers of the case, the film is telling the stories of victims, witnesses and even Mladic’s own family. It also raises larger questions about the challenges of getting justice for war crimes.

What kind of  justice can a trial achieve 20 years later? What is it like to defend and prosecute a man who has committed genocide? What can we learn from what happened in Bosnia in today’s world, where polarisation and politics of division is again on the rise?


Dermot Groome, former senior trial attorney at the Office of the Prosecutor for International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and led the Prosecution’s case against Mladic.

Branko Lukic, Ratko Mladic’s defense lawyer.

Enver Djuliman, Senior Adviser, The Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Author of the book: Forsoning (skilt langs veien) from 2016 about reconciliation processes in various post-conflict areas including the Balkans.

Henry Singer and Rob Miller The filmmakers of «The Trial of Ratko Mladic»

Moderator: Ingerid Salvesen, journalist for the podcast Du Verden!

In Cooperation with Fritt Ord and Sant & Usant.